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Rules and Information

The weekly performing arts show on Thursdays at 7:00 PM in the basement of the Arts Center is open to all local musicians, songwriters, singers, poets, dramatists, comedians, and other performing artists. The following are general guidelines for the performance. The hosts have full authority to modify the rules as required to make the performance enjoyable for everyone.

Performances begin at 7:00. Closing time is 10:00.

Doors will open and on-site sign-up will begin at 6:30. First come – first served. A limited number of slots will be available for on-line sign-up beginning on the day before the event. Advance sign-up will begin the day before the scheduled event and will end at noon on the day of the event. Click on the Advance Sign-up button above. If we get more people signed-up that than time allows, then the folks that do not get to perform will be first on the list for the next performance.

The order of performances will generally be according to the position on the sign-up list; however, the hosts may change the order to minimize the time required for set changes. The hosts will usually open and close the show.

Each artist or act will be given a maximum of 10-15 minutes to perform their work, depending on the number of people on the list. This time limit includes set-up and tear-down of any equipment brought in by the artist. This is usually enough time for 3 songs; however, if your songs are longer than "radio" length, you may only have time for 2 songs. If we finish early, there will be an encore round, so please stick around.

A band is “an act”, not the sum of the individuals in the band.

Your time starts when the previous performer leaves the stage. If you are late or not around at your scheduled time, do not expect to participate in that evening unless there are available time slots. You will need to be prompt at ready to go (tuned, prepared, etc.) for your set.

An individual performer may be on stage a maximum of 5 times; 3 times as a lead performer and 2 times as a backup to the featured performer. A backup must be invited to go on stage. They cannot just “jump in”. There is no limit for “backline” performers such as drummers, bass, sax, etc., but they too must be invited. The “backline” is there to support everyone; be sure to thank them.

We provide: 2-microphones, 2 instrument cables, mic stands, and the house sound system. Other than that… bring what you need (i.e. Extra mic, another cable). Please, No drum kits. Hand drums are acceptable. We can handle acoustic guitars, electric guitars, keyboards, electric mandolin, even a bass guitar. Our stage can hold 4 performers total.

Acts that require anything more that two microphones and two 1/4-inch instrument cables need to check with the sound engineer prior to their performance. This includes amplifiers, keyboards, and other equipment that needs power or a special connection.

This is a family environment. Refrain from using profanity, adult content, or “Rated-R” materials. Inappropriate performances will be cut short without warning and noted for future reference. Adult content may be permitted after 9:00 by permission of the event host. No smoking is permitted inside the building.

You are welcome to bring your own drinks and refreshments. A limited amount of refreshments will be available for purchase via the honor system. Please clean up after yourselves and place trash in the receptacles provided.

Please be considerate of the other performers. Please be quiet and show respect for the performers on stage. Applaud for everyone. It provides encouragement and you’ll see how good it makes you feel when you perform.

This weekly event is free to all Arts Center members. Non-members are asked to make a $2 donation to help cover the cost of the facility.

Soloists who would like musical accompaniment for their performance, or anyone that would like to participate in an open jam session, please contact Ron Hackett at Ron@RonHackettMusic.com prior to the event.

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