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Open Mic, April 2, 2015

The Show Must Go On

“Attendance was unusually light for our 22nd performing arts show and open mic, but the show must go on,” said show host Taylor Hoch. Taylor opened the show with three of her original tunes. Her usual partner, Jay Jernigan, is still out sick, so Ron Hackett filled in on lead guitar.

Next to take the stage was Tristan “Tree” Hope. “We have mistakenly reported his last name a Hepe in past articles,” said co-host Ron Hackett. “We write our reviews using the signup sheet as a reference, and the names can be hard to read sometimes.”

Rose Pyatt was third in the rotation, and she invited Ron Hackett to play along. Rose played three of her original songs. When Rose finished, there were no more performers on the signup sheet, so co-host Ron Hackett took the stage to play two instrumental jazz standards on his blue Gibson guitar. Ron closed his set with a classical guitar piece that would normally be played on nylon strings.

Gary Tipper, a regular at the show, walked in during Ron’s performance and was next to take the stage. Our friend Len Bullard was in the area running an errand and graciously agreed to play three songs, including an original song that he wrote for his father. Len also invited Ron to play along.

Brad Morgan was the last performer in our regular rotation. He played tunes by Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard. When Brad finished, we started over and everyone had the opportunity to play a second set. Taylor, Tree, Rose, and Gary took advantage of the opportunity to play a second set.

“Our friend and drummer Ron Adcock is recovering from an injury and couldn’t join us this evening,” said Ron Hackett. “We missed him, and we hope he gets well soon.”

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Tristan "Tree" Hope

Rose Pyatt

Gary Tipper

Brad Morgan