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Open Mic, October 2, 2014

The performing arts show at the Art Center had another great week. Ron Hackett opened the show with a couple of Chet Atkins solos. Guitarist Drew Tucker and drummer Ron Adcock then joined Ron onstage for Chetís Yakety Axe and a couple of Bossa Novas. Greg Mitchell sang several original songs that had a Caribbean styling reminiscent of Jimmy Buffet or Kenny Chesney with Ron Hackett backing him on the guitar.

There were also performances by Sarah Weeks on keyboard and vocals, Gary Tipper on guitar and vocals, and Zack Winsett on vocals. Zack was backed by Kameron Jones. Jay Jernigan played one of his original songs and played a guitar solo. Old Nick and the Gypsies (Sarah, Kameron, and Josh Passon) also played a few songs.

With so many talented artists in the room, there was another opportunity for a jazz jam. Ron Hackett led the jam with Sarah, Drew, Jay, and Ron Adcock. They started with a reprise of last weeks Gershwin tune, Iíve Got Rhythm and then they made up a song on the fly to chord changes comped by Ron Hackett.

Taylor Hoch closed the evening with a soliloquy from Shakespeareís Hamlet and several of her original songs. Jay Jernigan, Sarah Weeks, and Ron Adcock joined in with Taylor.

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Ron Hackett guitar solo
Ron Hackett guitar solo

Jazz Duet Drew Tucker and R
Jazz Duet with Drew Tucker and Ron Hackett

Ron Adcock on drums
Ron Adcock on drums

Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell

Sarah Weeks
Sarah Weeks

Gary Tipper
Gary Tipper

Taylor Hoch and Jay Jerniga
Taylor Hoch and Jay Jernigan

Old Nick and the Gypsies
Old Nick and the Gypsies, Sarah Weeks, Josh Passon, and Kameron Jones

Zack Winsett and Kameron Jo
Zack Winsett and Kameron Jones

Jazz Jam
Jazz Jam with Sarah Weeks, Jay Jernigan, Drew Tucker, Ron Hackett, and Ron Adcock

Taylor Hoch and company
Taylor Hoch with Sarah, Jay, and Ron Adcock