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Open Mic, December 4, 2014

After a week off for Thanksgiving, the open mic at the Fayetteville/Lincoln County Arts Center was back up and running with a full list of participants who came out to play, sing, and network with other performing artists.

Co-host Taylor Hoch opened the show playing three of her original Americana songs and was accompanied by Jay Jernigan on lead guitar and Ron Adcock on percussion. Next up was second timer to the open mic, Marilyn Harris, accompanied by Ron Adcock on percussion, and Marilyn had the crowd laughing with her hilarious country songs. She was followed by Robert Foster who played and sang three haunting ballads. After Robert, Kameron Jones took the stage and treated the audience to three of his new original songs. Next the crowd enjoyed Zack Huitt’s versions of three contemporary alternative hits.

A newcomer to the weekly open mic who goes by the name Tree, followed Zack and played and sang three country rock songs. When asked if he had enjoyed himself and if he would be back, Tree said, “Absolutely! This is great! I’m going to try and be here every week!”

Next up was Josh Passon playing bass and accompanied by Kameron Jones on guitar and Zack Huitt on vocals. The trio performed three of Kameron’s original songs. After Josh finished, the encore round started and all the musicians got to come back to the stage and play two more songs. With the list finished and a little time left on the clock, Taylor called all the performers to the stage for a jam session and everyone had a great time playing and singing some classic rock and Americana songs.

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Taylor Hoch and Jay Jernigan