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Open Mic, April 9, 2015

The Show Goes On

“I would like to remind everyone that the weekly open mic show welcomes all forms of performing arts. Our mainstay has been the many talented local musicians, singers, and songwriters who come to perform at our weekly shows, but we would love to see some local comedians, story tellers, poets, dramatists, or any other performing artists join us for our shows!” said co-host Taylor Hoch at last night’s open mic show at the Lincoln County/Fayetteville Arts Center. The next show will be on April 16th.

Co-host Ron Hackett opened the show last night playing a jazz piece and two classical pieces including the famous Spanish Fandango. Next, Craig Flynt and Jay Jernigan performed as a duet. They played a classic high energy rock and roll song and then followed it with two of Craig’s original rock songs. Robert Foster followed the duet playing three of his favorite John Prine songs.

After Robert, Jay Jernigan returned to the stage as a solo act. He started with an instrumental jazz piece, followed it with an instrumental version of a classic rock song, and the then finished up by playing and singing a classic country rock song. Co-host Taylor Hoch then joined him on the stage and together they played three of Taylor’s original Americana songs. Gary Tipper was up next and he played and sang three light rock favorites.

Ron Hackett returned to the stage after Gary and started the encore round. He played some classical Spanish guitar songs and a popular jazz piece. Craig Flynt and Jay Jernigan then took their turn in the encore round playing three rock and roll favorites. They were followed by Robert Foster who played a James Taylor piece, a Steppenwolf song, and another John Prine favorite. Jay Jernigan took his turn next in the encore round and played a jazz piece, a classic rock piece, and finished with one of his original country songs. Co-host Taylor Hoch then joined Jay on the stage to play three more of her original Americana songs. After Taylor and Jay finished, Gary Tipper returned to the stage to play three more classic rock and roll songs. While Gary was playing, Kameron Jones came in and signed up, so Kameron closed out the show for the night by playing a new song he had just written and wanted to debut at the show.

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Robert Foster

Jay Jernigan

Gary Tipper