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Open Mic, October 9, 2014

“Our show is for all performing arts, not just music,” said host Taylor Hoch as she opened the show with a soliloquy from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Jay Jernigan joined Taylor to perform three of Taylor’s original songs. Next up were Drew Tucker and Ron Hackett. They played a jazz duet set of Duke Ellington tunes.

Guitarist Don Moriarty came to the stage to play a few more jazz tunes with Ron providing the accompaniment. Singers Robert Foster, Sarah Weeks, Gary Tipper, Kameron Jones, and Rose Pyatt also performed. Old Nick and the Gypsies (Sarah, Kameron, and Josh Passon) got to play an extended, encore set, because the show needed one more act.

Co-host Ron Hackett led another jazz jam based on Duke Ellington’s C-Jam Blues. Drew, Don, Jay, and Sarah all took turns improvising and making their melodic statements using the chord changes for C-Jam Blues as their guide. Ron closed the show with some jazz guitar solos and a classical piece, written by Francisco Tárrega, played on an electric guitar instead of the traditional nylon string acoustic.

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Taylor Hoch and Jay Jernigan

Robert Foster

Sarah Weeks

Rose Pyatt

Kameron Jones sings a solo

Sarah Weeks and Kameron Jones

Old Nick and the Gypsies (Josh Passon, Sarah Weeks, and Kameron Jones)

Backstage with Taylor at the controls and Old Nick and the Gypsies on stage