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Open Mic, December 11, 2014

“It’s really gratifying to see the number of people signing up to entertain as well as the number of people in the audience growing every week” said co-host Ron Hackett in appreciation of the standing room only crowd that braved the bitter cold last Thursday night to attend the open mic at the Fayetteville/Lincoln County Arts Center.

Co-host Taylor Hoch opened the show accompanied by Jay Jernigan on lead guitar, Ron Adcock on percussion, and with Ron Hackett sitting in on guitar for first song of the set. She played three of her original Americana songs to get the ball rolling and then called Robert Foster up to the stage. Robert, a faithful regular of the weekly open mic, played classic folk covers for the crowd. Next up was Tristan “Tree” Hepe who played guitar and sang three Alternative cover songs.

“I love this! Great venue, great vibe, great local musicians, I think it is just great for the community to have a program like this. This is my second week and I plan to come every week from now on and to tell everyone I know about it, to come out and support it!” said Tristan after his set.

Kameron Jones, singer/songwriter and front man for the band Old Nick and the Gypsies, followed Tristan. Kameron treated the audience to three of his original American style songs. Next up was Zack Hewitt who played a set of alternative covers for the appreciative crowd. He was followed by Gary Tipper who played a set of classic rock songs.

Singer/songwriter Austin Brent, a newcomer to the Thursday night group, was up next and he entertained the crowd with an original Alternative song and a couple of Alternative covers. Co-host Ron Hackett, accompanied by Ron Adcock on percussion, finished off the first round of the evening by playing jazz versions of three traditional Christmas carols.

Taylor Hoch then returned to the stage and invited all the musicians up to the stage to join her for a jam session. There were five guitar players, four singers, and a percussionist all having a great time playing some classic rock and Americana songs. Josh Passon, a bass player, arrived during the jam and joined in. The audience really enjoyed it and joined in clapping and singing along.

After the jam, Josh Passon remained on stage to play bass and sing. Accompanied by Kameron Jones, he played three of Kameron’s original songs.

A little time was left on the clock after the jam session so some of the musicians were called back to the stage for encores. Robert Foster, Tristan “Tree” Hepe, Zack Hewitt, and Gary Tipper all got to participate in the encore round, and then co-host Ron Hackett closed out the show playing a couple jazz tunes accompanied by Josh Passon on bass and Ron Adcock on percussion.

Taylor and Ron reminded everyone that the last Thursday in January will be a special showcase event, which will be held in the main auditorium at the Arts Center. In order to be considered for the showcase, a performer need only participate in at least one of the weekly open mics and let the hosts know of their interest. There will be six acts spotlighted in the showcase on Jan 29th. “Any performing artist is welcome to participate in the open mic program and to sign up for the showcase. We’d love it if some of the comedians, poets, storytellers, or dramatists out there in the community would join us here on Thursday nights and consider signing up for the showcase,” said Taylor Hoch.

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Robert Foster

Tristan “Tree” Hepe

Gary Tipper and Ron Adcock

Gary Tipper

Ron Adcock

Kameron Jones and Austin Brent

Kameron Jones and Austin Brent