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Open Mic, February 12, 2015

Freezing weather did not dampen turnout

It may be freezing outside, but itís warm and delightful inside,Ē said show host Ron Hackett. ďWeíre glad to see the weather didnít affect the turnout for the show.Ē

Show host Taylor Hoch opened the show with guitarist Jay Jernigan and drummer Ron Adcock by playing three of Taylorís original songs. Following Taylor was newcomer John Tinger from Madison, Alabama. John is an instrumental guitarist and impressed the audience with two of his original compositions.

Then Marilyn Harris from Tullahoma, a regular at our shows, performed three of her original songs. Robert Foster, another regular performer at our shows, followed her. Robert played a mix of original songs and covers. Songbird Sarah Weeks was up next to sing three cover songs while accompanying herself on the keyboard. She did a great job in spite of several uncooperative keys on her keyboard.

Local band Old Nick and the Gypsies played next. Sarah remained on stage and joined singer/guitarist Kameron Jones and bassist Josh Passon to perform three of the bandís original songs. Another local and regular performer, Gary Tipper, followed the band and played three of his favorite cover songs with Ron Adcock on drums.

Newcomer Travis Terrell came next. This was Travisí first time performing in public, and he did a great job. Travis sang and played his guitar. Jazz guitarist Don Moriarty from Huntsville played next with co-host Ron Hackett accompanying him on guitar. Don played a Bill Evanís tune called Time Remembered.

When they finished, Ron Hackett invited Sarah Weeks, Ron Adcock, and Josh Passon to the stage for an impromptu jazz jam. They began by reprising The Girl From Ipanema from last week. Next came I Remember You, and they closed with a Jobim bossa nova titled Corcovado.

Because they did not have a full slate of acts and some time remained, Taylor, Jay, and Ron Adcock returned to the stage with Josh and Kameron to close the show with two of Taylorís original songs.

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Gary Tipper and Ron Adcock

Jay Jernigan and Taylor Hoch

John Tinger

Marilyn Harris

Old Nick and the Gypsies
Josh Passon, Sarah Weeks, and Kameron Jones


Videos courtesy of Ron Hackett

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