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Open Mic, March 12, 2015

We're Back!

“It is so great to be back! We really missed this, and we missed ya’ll!” said bass player Josh Passon to cheers and applause from the packed house audience at last night’s weekly open mic night show at the Fayetteville Lincoln County Arts Center.

“After having to cancel the last three week’s shows due to bad weather and road conditions, we were worried that it might take a while for our weekly show to get up and running at full steam again, but we were wrong! We had a wonderful turn out, a completely full roster of acts, and a standing room only crowd!” said co-host Taylor Hoch.

Ron Hackett, accompanied by percussionist Ron Adcock, welcomed everyone back and then opened the show by playing a few popular jazz numbers. First up on the full sign-up list for the evening was Robert Foster. Robert played guitar and sang three classic country songs. He was followed by co-host singer/songwriter Taylor Hoch. Taylor played and sang three of her original Americana songs including the crowd pleaser Merry Men’s Madrigal which had the audience up on their feet and singing along. Jay Jernigan, Taylor’s regular side man wasn’t able to attend the show, so she had guitarist Kameron Jones and percussionist Ron Adcock join her for her set.

Singer/songwriter Mitch Phelps was up next and he played two country covers as well as one of his original country songs. Mitch was followed by singer/songwriter Tristan "Tree" Hepe who played three alternative genre songs, one of which was his own composition. Tree was accompanied by guitarist Brent Mana a newcomer to the open mic night show. Singer/songwriter Greg Mitchel took the stage next singing three of his original country songs while being accompanied by Ron Hackett on guitar.

Singer/songwriter pianist Sarah Weeks was up next and wowed the crowd with her soul filled renditions of some classic rock songs. After her solo set, Sarah, who is a member of the band Old Nick and the Gypsies, was joined on stage by the rest of her group, guitar player/singer/songwriter Kameron Jones and bass player Josh Passon. They played three of Kameron’s original Americana songs and also reminded everyone that they will have their first album coming out in May.

Singer/songwriter Rose Pyatt was up next. She had Josh Passon remain on stage to accompany her on bass and also asked Ron Adcock to return to the stage and accompany her on percussion. Rose played three of her original Christian country songs. Gary Tipper followed Rose. He sang and played a set of classic rock favorites accompanied by Ron Adcock on percussion.

Two newcomers to the open mic night followed Gary. The first newcomer was Brad Morgan who played and sang two traditional country hits and then a country song of his own composition. He was followed by newcomer Dan Terry who closed out the show with his set of three contemporary Christian songs, two of which were his original songs. After his set, Dan said, “This is wonderful! It is so great of you to do this, to give local artists a place to come play their music! I will definitely be back!”

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Robert Foster

Mitch Phelps

Tristan "Tree" Hepe accompanied by guitarist Brent Mana

Sarah Weeks

Old Nick and the Gypsies
Josh Passon, Sarah Weeks, and Kameron Jones

Rose Pyatt and Josh Passon

Gary Tipper

Brad Morgan

Dan Terry