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Open Mic, April 23, 2015

Still Going Strong

“We had a really great show last night,” said co-host Taylor Hoch in regards to last night’s open mic show at the Fayetteville/Lincoln County Arts. “Turn out has been low since the advent of this beautiful weather, but we had a good roster of musicians and songwriters last night. We got to enjoy a bunch of original songs and lots of excellent musicianship.”

Co-host Taylor Hoch opened the show with three of her original Americana songs, one of which she had finished writing just few hours before and debuted at the show. She was followed by local songwriter Greg Mitchell who was accompanied by co-host Ron Hackett. Greg and Ron make up the duo called Dos Viejos Hombres (Two Old Men) and they will be playing at Panoply in Huntsville this Sunday, April 26th at 3:15pm on the World Stage. They played some of Greg’s original country songs, so the audience got to hear some of the material that they will be playing at Panoply this weekend.

Next up was another local songwriter, Marilyn Harris. Marilyn played a set of her original songs. Marilyn’s country flavor mixed with humor is always a hit at the open mic show and was greatly enjoyed by all last night. She was followed by Robert Foster, another regular attendee of the open mic night. He played a wonderful set of John Prine favorites.

Rose Pyatt was up next to play a set of her original country and contemporary Christian music. Rose is another regular at the open mic night, and she closed her set with an original song that the audience has come to know and love and enjoys singing along with. Rose was followed by Gary Tipper who played a set of classic rock covers. Ron Hackett closed out the first round of music with a set of instrumental jazz pieces that he will be playing at Panoply this weekend.

After the first round of music there was an encore round. Taylor Hoch opened the encore round playing three more of her original songs. She was followed by another performance by Dos Viejos Hombres playing some more of the material they’ve put together for their Panoply show. Robert Foster was next to give an encore performance, and he played a set of Americana covers. Gary Tipper returned to the stage playing a couple of classic rock covers, and then Ron Hackett joined him on the stage. Together they closed out the evening by playing some classic contemporary songs duet style and then doing a jazz jam.

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Host, Taylor Hoch

Marilyn Harris

Robert Foster

Rose Pyatt

Gary Tipper