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Open Mic, May 14, 2015


“We had a good turn out last night and everyone had a lot of fun,” said co-host Ron Hackett about the open mic show at the Fayetteville/Lincoln County arts center on 5/14/15.

Co-host Taylor Hoch opened the show playing three of her original Americana songs. She was followed by a duet consisting of George Hensley and newcomer to the open mic night, Daniel Wiseman. They played three of George’s original Christian country songs. After they’d finished, Daniel stayed on stage to play another duet with Mitch Phelps. They played three classic country songs and the audience enjoyed singing along. Robert Foster took the stage next playing three classic Americana songs. Rose Pyatt followed Robert and played three of her original Christian country songs. Songwriter Gregg Mitchel was up next. He was accompanied by Ron Hackett on guitar and they did three of Gregg’s original country songs. Ron Hackett closed the first round playing two jazz numbers and also performing a hilarious story set to music.

After the first round was over there was time for an encore round. Taylor Hoch, Robert Foster, Greg Mitchel and Ron Hackett all got to return to the stage and do another set. In addition to the musical entertainment, the audience and performers got to celebrate the recent marriage of open mic regular Robert Foster and regular audience member Peggy Turner. There was pizza and cake for everyone and everyone got to offer them congratulations on their big event.

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Taylor Hoch

George Hensley and Daniel Wiseman

Mitch Phelps and Daniel Wiseman

Robert Foster

Rose Pyatt

Ron Hackett