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Open Mic, September 10, 2015

Season Two Begins

The second season of the weekly performing arts show and open mic hosted by the Lincoln County Performing Arts Association at the Fayetteville Lincoln County Arts Centers kicked off last Thursday night, September 10th.

Five local artists came together to entertain a small audience from our community. "This intimate environment is exactly what Taylor and I had in mind when we started the show last year," said host Ron Hackett. The Arts Center has lots of couches and overstuffed chairs for the audience. "It's like performing in someone's living room. You can really connect with the audience."

Singer and guitarist Robert Foster, a regular from last year, opened the show as members of the audience slowly gathered. Robert's set included songs from his favorite songwriter, John Prine. Next, singer/songwriter Greg Mitchell sang three of his original songs while Ron Hackett played the guitar. Greg's set included an audience request for his song, West Texas Rain.

Guitarist and host Ron Hackett played next, performing acoustic guitar solos while singer and guitarist Gary Tipper got ready for his set. Gary played Jimmy Buffett's Mexico and other favorites. With a bit of encouragement from the audience, newcomer Elliot from Petersburg took the stage. He played several humorous songs, including Out Behind the Barn that was made famous by Little Jimmy Dickens.

Because the show's format allows for 12 performances, there was plenty of time for everyone to play a full encore. Ron switched to an electric guitar for his second set to play some instrumental jazz. Inspired by Elliot's humorous songs, Ron started with a rendition of Elmer and the Bear before jumping into his jazz set with Swinging Over the Rainbow, his Latin inspired instrumental arrangement of Judy Garland's hit, Over the Rainbow. Robert Foster came to the stage for a third time to close the show.

Unfortunately, co-host Taylor Hoch could not attend this show because of medical issues. "We hope she gets well soon, and we look forward to her return," said host Ron Hackett. Several members of the audience, who were regulars at last year's show, echoed the sentiment.

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Robert Foster

Gary Tipper

Elliot from Petersburg