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Open Mic, October 8, 2015

New Co-host Announced

Robert Foster, a regular at the weekly performing arts and open mic show, is now co-hosting the show with Ron Hackett while previous co-host Taylor Hoch convalesces. “We all hope Taylor can return soon, but it's very stressful to run the show solo,” said Hackett. “Robert did a great job on his first night as co-host, and I appreciate his help.”

Hackett opened the show with a Duke Ellington tune called, Don't Get Around Much Anymore, before heading south to Rio de Janeiro with a Jobim tune named Corcovado for the mountain that overlooks the city. Foster started his first set with Jimmy Buffet's A Pirate Looks at 40 and ended with John Prine's Hello in There.

Newcomer Keith Patterson started with a cover of Stand By Me, that was originally performed and written by Ben E. King, before playing his original songs, That's What Cowboy's Do and Ease Your Mind. “I've wanted to play out for a long time, but that first performance anxiety was holding me back,” said Patterson. “This is a great venue for getting started.”

Steven Massey returned to the show last night and performed his original tunes, including Giving Up and Walk Away From Me. “I play a lot of venues, and I really like this open mic,” said Massey. “It's the best open mic in south central Tennessee.”

Mitch Phelps also returned to the open mic last night playing covers like Northbound 35 by Jeffrey Foucault and Cover Me Up by Jason Isbell. Rose Pyatt played three of her original tunes including, All I Want to See is Your Face, Just Love Me, and Can I Praise You from Here.

Jazz guitarists Don Moriarty and Ron Hackett took turns improvising melodies to jazz standards like Blues in the Closet (also know as Collard Greens and Black Eyed Peas), Wes Montgomery's Leila, and Moonglow, a tune that Joe Venuti and his Orchestra first recorded in 1933.

Elliott from Petersburg played and sang Swinging on a Star, a song made famous by Bing Crosby in the 1944 film Going My Way, and a song about West Virginia by Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard.

Gary Tipper ended the first round with Son of a Son of a Sailor and Havana Daydreaming by Jimmy Buffet, and (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay by soul singer Otis Redding and guitarist Steve Cropper.

Hackett kicked off the encore round with an instrumental from the 1965 film Doctor Zhivago, called Lara's Theme. Ray Conniff added words about two years later, and most people know the song as Somewhere My Love.

Many artists have to leave early because the have to work Friday morning, but the everyone who could stay had an opportunity to perform two more songs. Foster sang Whiskey and You by Tim McGraw and Crooked Road by Darrell Scott. Moriarty and Hackett played Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, originally performed by Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, and Favorite Things from the soundtrack of The Sound of Music. Elliott's encore included Lucy, The Junk Dealer's Daughter by Tom Paxton, and Tipper's encore included King of the Road and Homeward Bound.

As the new co-host of the show, Foster had the honor of closing the show. He sang Sunday Morning Coming Down by Chris Kristofferson and You'll Never Leave Harlem Alive by Errol Scott. “We hope to see everyone again next week,” said Foster. “Come back, and bring a friend.”

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Co-host Robert Foster

Steven Massey

Keith Patterson

Mitch Phillips

Rose Pyatt

Elliott from Petersburg

Gary Tipper