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Open Mic, January 7, 2016

Fist Show of 2016

"Last Thursday's Open Mic Night show at the Fayetteville/Lincoln County Arts Center was the first show of 2016, and we definitely started the year off right! We had a full house audience and eleven performers on the roster. It was a great way to start the new season of open mic nights," said co-host Taylor Hoch. "The performers and audience members enjoyed listening to some great music, singing along to their favorite songs, and nibbling on the pizza and goodies provided by our regular attendees.

We also had a special guest last Thursday. Sandy Williams from the Elk Valley Times was there to take pictures of the event and gather information for an article about our open mic night for the January issue of Tempo. The Tempo article will feature places in the middle Tennessee area where folks can go to listen to music and/or cool spots that offer musicians an opportunity to jam. The folks at the Elk Valley Times are helping us get into this publication.

We really appreciate the support of from the Elk Valley Times. The paper has been wonderful about helping us get the word out about our weekly open mic series, and the article in the Tempo will be another great way to let people know that there is a local venue where performing artists can come and perform and network with other performing artists," Taylor added.

The duet Tay & Jay (Taylor Hoch and Jay Jernigan) started off the show by playing three of Taylor's original songs. Their first song, "Beautifully Angry" was from Taylor's first album and their second song, an eerie song called "Right Through Me" and nicknamed "Jack the Ripper" by the audience, was from a musical that Taylor Hoch is writing. They finished their set with a song called "It Must Be Love" from Taylor's second album. This song has been getting great radio play in Europe and is currently playing on over sixteen thousand radio stations in the UK, Germany and Austria.

Next up was co-host Robert Foster. Robert was co-hosting last Thursday night because Ron Hackett was out of town to be with his mother who was undergoing heart surgery. Everyone missed Ron and wished his mother a speedy recovery. Robert covered "Old Man" by Neil Young, "Whiskey and You" by Chris Stapleton and Tim McGraw, and "Illegal Smile" by John Prine. Robert was followed by Drew Tucker who played two Jazz instrumentals, "Renaissance Medley" and "Spanish Romance". Tom Dixon, a local songwriter was next and he played three of his original songs, "She's Gone", "Wide Open Roads" and "Cheap Seats". Tom let everyone know that "Cheap Seats" is currently getting some good radio play in the U.S. and everyone was really excited for him.

Tom was followed by Randall Mills who played "He Stopped Lovin' Her Today" by George Jones, "Simple Man" made famous by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the classic "Amazing Grace".

Steven (Brian) Massey, another local songwriter was next and he played three of his original songs for the audience, "Save Me", "Thought You Should Know", and "Nashville". It had been a while since Steven had been able to attend the open mic night and it was great to have him back at the show.

Next up was open mic regular, Gary Tipper, who played "A Pirate Looks at Forty" by Jimmy Buffet, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" made famous by the group Poison, and "Mexico" by James Taylor.

Gary was followed by new comer to the open mic night, R.D. Hall. Hall had never played in front of an audience before and was given a warm welcome as he played "Thirty Years of Farming" by Bob King, and "I Sang Dixie" by Dwight Yoakam. Last up in the first round was Elliot from Petersburg. He played "Pamela Brown" and "Sneaky Snake" both by Tom T. Hall, and "Oh Lord It's Hard To Be Humble" by Mac Davis.

There was more time left, so an encore round was called for. Tay & Jay started the ball rolling with three more of Taylor's original songs. They were followed by encore performance sets by Robert Foster, Gary Tipper, Elliot from Petersburg, and a duet featuring Drew Tucker and Jay Jernigan playing together on two Bob Wills songs.

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Photos courtesy of Sandy Williams at the Elk Valley Times

The audience view of the performance


Backstage View

Drew Tucker

Elliott from Petersburg

Gary Tipper

Guitars waiting to be played

J. C. Hall

Randal Mills

Robert Foster

Steven Massey

Taylor Hoch and Jay Jernigan (Tay & Jay)

The Audience

The Green Room

Tom Dixon