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Open Mic, March 3, 2016

More Bad Weather, But the Show Must Go On

“The turnout was light for our weekly show, but those that came had a good time,” said host Ron Hackett. “With bad weather threatening the Tennessee Valley, some people may have thought we would cancel the show, but the show must go on,” said co-host Robert Foster.

“In the two years we’ve been doing the show, we have only cancelled once for heavy snow,” added Hackett. “If we have to cancel a show, we will announce the cancellation on Facebook, our website, our email list, and local radio stations. If there’s no cancellation notice, then we will have a show.

With only three performers, the artists played without the PA system last night. They sat on the couches and did acoustic rounds. Each artist took a turn playing or singing a song, and there was lots of time for chatting and story telling. Hackett, Foster, and Elliott from Petersburg put on a great show for the audience.

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