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Open Mic, March 17, 2016

A Night of Poetry and Songs

"We had a great show for St. Patrick's Day last week, lots of people in the audience, great music--including Irish ballads and drinking songs in honor of the day--a new-comer who read original poetry, and even a surprise visit by our fans Adrienne and Jim Bertagnolli from Scotland. Adrienne and Jim come to the states once a year and make a point of an annual visit to our open mic. It was a really fun evening," said co-host Taylor Hoch.

Taylor Hoch opened the show, performing her latest song "I Don't Dream the Same As You", another original song called "Today It's Raining Hard", and a cover of "Walking In Memphis" by Marc Cohn.

Co-host Robert Foster was up next. Robert did an all James Taylor set, playing "Sweet Baby James", "You've Got A Friend", and "Fire and Rain".

Co-host Ron Hackett followed Robert and did three instrumental jazz pieces. Ron played "I Remember You" by Johnny Mercer, "Girl From Ipanema" by Antonio Carlos Jobim, and "Over The Rainbow" by Harold Arlen.

Open mic night regular, Elliot from Petersburg, was up next to do more of his hilarious songs. He opened with an Irish ballad called "Rickety Tickety Tin" by Tom Lehrer, and he followed that with a song by Thomas "Fats" Waller called "Lulu's Back in Town". Elliot closed out his set with "Heart of My Heart" by Ben Ryan.

Next up was new-comer to the open mic night, Samantha Posey. Samantha is a local poet and she read three of her original poems for the audience. The poems were titled, "Life and Integrity", "Missing You", and "I Come to You".

Travis Terrell followed Samantha. It has been a while since Travis graced the stage for the open mic and everyone was really excited and happy to see him again. Travis performed, "Cold Beer" by Jesse Stuart, "Old #7" by the group Devil Makes Three, and one of his original songs entitled, "Drown".

Gary Tipper, another open mic night regular, followed Travis, playing "Friend of the Devil" by Robert Hunter and made famous by The Grateful Dead, "Cat's In The Cradle" by Cat Stevens, and "Ventura Highway" by Dewey Bunnell.

There was time enough left in the evening for an encore round. Taylor Hoch started off the encore round doing a recitation of the opening soliloquy from Shakespeare's Richard III, and then she sang two more of her original songs, "Right Through Me" and "Jimmy's Song".

Robert Foster returned to the stage, playing "Vincent" by Don McLean, and two John Prine songs, "Hello In There" and "Sam Stone".

Elliot got back up for an encore and performed "The Riddle Song" by Allan Sherman, "Condensed Folk Song" by the band The Weavers, and "I Hold Your Hand in Mine" by Tom Lehrer.

Travis Terrell returned to the stage next to do his encore round. He played "Black Flies" by Ben Howard, "Breeze Blocks" by the band Alt J, and "Sleep" by the band Citizen.

Gary Tipper was up next, playing "Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard" by Paul Simon, "Cheeseburger In Paradise" and "It's Five O'clock Somewhere" by Jimmy Buffett.

Co-host Ron Hackett closed out the show for the evening with some more instrumental music. He played "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams, "Wheels" by Norman Perry, and a traditional classical piece called "Spanish Fandango".

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett and Robert Foster

Taylor Hoch

Robert Foster

Ron Hackett

Elliott from Petersburg

Samantha Posey

Travis Tarrell

Gary Tipper

Taylor running sound

The Audience

Ron Hackett plays acoustic