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Open Mic, April 7, 2016

Tributes to Merle

"We had a great crowd and a full roster of musicians at last Thursday's open mic night. Many of the performers played Merle Haggard songs in tribute to the late great country artist who died last Wednesday on his seventy-ninth birthday. Several of the artists who attended the open mic last week are also going to be playing at our upcoming open house on April 16th, and it was great to hear some of the material that they will be showcasing at the event," said co-host, Taylor Hoch.

Jay Jernigan and Taylor Hoch--who make up the duet Tay & Jay--opened the show playing three of Taylor's original songs that they will be playing at the open house on April 16th. They started with Taylor's newest song "I Don't Dream The Same As You", moved on to "Today It's Raining Hard", and then finished out the set with Taylor's favorite song off her first album, "Yesterday's Epiphany". Tay & Jay play gigs regularly throughout the area and they will be playing from 3 to 3:30pm at the open house.

Next up was Steven Massey. "Steven is a very popular and busy performer who plays gigs all over the region. We're really thrilled that he still finds the time to be a regular at our Thursday night open mics," said Taylor Hoch. Steven played three of his original songs, "Save Me", "Make Things Right", and "The Day That We Met" at the show last Thursday and he will be performing at the open house on April 16th from 1 to 1:30pm.

Marilynn Harris took the stage next. "Marilynn is another great local songwriter who is also a regular at our open mic nights. She like Steven is local favorite and we are so glad she takes the time to grace our stage on Thursday nights. Her amazing blend of humor and poignancy make her songs unique and memorable," said Taylor. Marilynn played three of her original songs, "You Had To Go And Do Me Wrong", "Baby, I Don't Want You Anymore", and "Are You Saying Goodbye To Me". Marilynn will be playing from 2:30 to 3pm at the open house on the 16th.

Travis Terrell followed Marilynn. "Travis has attended enough of our Thursday night shows to now be considered a regular at the open mic. He has a unique and emotive Indie style, playing both covers of contemporary Indie artists as well as his own Indie music," said Taylor. Travis played "But Breathing" by Defeater, "One Day" by Matisyahu, and closed with one of his original Indie songs titled "Drowning".

Co-host Robert Foster was up next. Robert is a local musician who performs regularly at venues in the area, playing country and classic rock favorites. At the open mic last Thursday he played, "These Days" by Jackson Brown, "Father & Son" by Cat Stevens, closing with "My Favorite Memory" as a tribute to Merle Haggard. Robert will be playing from 10:30 to 11am at the open house on the 16th.

Greg Mitchel, another local songwriter and open mic regular was up next. Greg was accompanied on the guitar by co-host Ron Hackett. Greg and Ron perform regularly throughout the area, playing Greg's country songs. They will be opening for the pro songwriter's portion of the open house on April 16th, playing from 3:30 to 4pm. For the open mic last Thursday, they played three of Greg's songs, "One Drink Away", "Dirt Road Heart", and "Take Me".

Gary Tipper, another open mic night regular followed Greg and Ron. He played a set of classic covers, "Tequila Sunrise" by the Eagles, "Amy" by Pure Prairie League, and "Come Monday" by Jimmy Buffett.

Next up was Elliot from Petersburg. "Elliot is a regular at the open mic nights and everyone looks forward to his hilarious songs and peerless finger-picking style," said Taylor. Elliot played "I'm My Own Grandpa" by Guy Lombardo, "Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate" by Clarence Williams and Armand Piron, and closed with the song "If I Only Had A Heart" from the movie The Wizard of Oz.

Co-host Ron Hackett closed out the first round of performances. Ron, is a jazz and classical guitar player who plays gigs regularly throughout the region and also serves as President of the Fayetteville/Lincoln County Art Center. He will be playing a set of jazz and classical music from 11:30am to noon at the open house on the 16th. He started his set by playing a jazzy version of "The Happy Birthday Song" for Taylor Hoch, and then he asked her to join him on the stage to play the shaker while he played one of her favorite instrumental pieces, "The Girl From Ipanema" by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius deMoraes. Ron had just gotten a new looping pedal, so he was able to play many different parts and then accompany himself. The result was a version of "The Girl From Ipanema" that sounded like he had a slew of jazz guitar players up on stage with him. He closed his set with "Jam Man" by Chet Atkins, playing this song through the loop pedal as well and continuing the amazing multi-player sound he was able to create.

Tay & Jay returned to the stage to do a set of Merle Haggard songs in tribute to the great country artist. They played "Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down", "That's The Way Love Goes", "Rambling Fever", and "I'll Just Sit Here And Drink".

Robert Foster played another set of classic cover tunes starting with "Are The Good Times Really Over" by Merle Haggard, followed by "Christmas In Prison" by John Prine, and closing with "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive" by Daryl Scott.

Greg Mitchell and Ron Hackett closed out the show for the night with another set of Greg's original country songs. They played "West Texas Rain", "Last Dirt Road", and "No Bad Days".

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Elliott from Petersberg

Gary Tipper

Greg and Ron

Greg Mitchell

Jay Jernigan

Marilyn Harris

Ron Hackett

Steven Massey

Tay and Jay

Taylor at the sound board

Taylor Hoch