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Open Mic, December 18, 2014

“I am just amazed every week by how many incredibly talented artists we have in Lincoln County!” said Lumara Lee, a regular attendee of the Thursday night open mics at the Fayetteville/Lincoln County Arts Center. Lumara was one of the many members of the audience who packed the house for last open mic show of 2014. The next show will be on Jan 8 2015 as there will not be an open mic program on Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Taylor Hoch, the host for the evening since co-host Ron Hackett had to miss the event due to illness, opened the show by playing and singing several of her original American style tunes. She was accompanied by Jay Jernigan on lead guitar, Ron Adcock on percussion, and Kameron Jones playing acoustic bass. After Taylor’s set, open mic regular Robert Foster played a set of Country covers including two John Prine pieces that are audience favorites.

Next up was Kameron Jones playing a solo set of his original Americana songs. He was followed by Tristan “Tree” Hepe who played an original song and some Alternative cover tunes. Daniel Harry, a newcomer to the event, followed Tree and wowed the crowd with his high energy performance. Daniel played a set of his original Country music including a piece he’d been in the studio recording that day and then finished with a popular Country cover tune. After his set, Daniel said, “I will definitely be back! This is great! It is so wonderful that ya’ll are doing this for the community!”

Daniel was followed by Zack Huitt, another regular performer at the weekly event. Zack played a set of Alternative covers. After Zack finished his set, the crowd begged Jay Jernigan to play his original cover piece “A Long Drink of Water”, so Jay who normally doesn’t play solo took the stage and played the song. The appreciative audience all sang along and really enjoyed it.

Taylor, Kameron, and Ron then joined Jay on the stage to play another set of Taylor’s songs and start off the encore round. All the artists then took turns doing encore numbers. Time had run out but the audience and the artists were having such a good time that they didn’t want to leave, so Taylor invited all the performers to join her up on the stage for a jam session to close out the evening.

Taylor reminded everyone that there will be a special showcase event on Jan 29th which will be held in the main auditorium at the Arts Center. There are six slots available for the show and in order to be considered for the showcase, a performer need only participate in at least one of the weekly open mics and let the hosts know of their interest. “The showcase and the open mic are not limited to musical performances. Anyone who does comedy, dramatic readings, acts, recites poetry, or any type of performing art is welcome and encouraged to participate,” said Taylor.

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Jay Jernigan playing his solo