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Open Mic, March 19, 2015

International Visitors

“We were pleased to welcome our international visitors Jim and Adrienne Bertagnolli from Dundee, the fourth-largest city in Scotland, to our show last night,” said host Taylor Hoch. Taylor opened the 20th Performing Arts and Open Mic Show at the Art Center Thursday night wit three of her original Americana songs. Ron Adcock and Jay Jernigan accompanied Taylor on drums and guitar respectively.

Robert Foster, a regular performer at these shows, came next. Robert accompanied himself on the guitar as he sang three of his favorite songs. Keyboardist and vocalist Sarah Weeks followed Robert with three of her bluesy favorites, including the House of the Rising Sun. Then guitarist Jay Jernigan graced the audience with three of his unique jazz and blues blended instrumental songs.

When Jay finished, Taylor joined Old Nick and the Gypsies for the first public performance of their new song, “Ireland Bound.” Taylor collaborated with Kameron Jones, Josh Passon and Sarah to write this song. Taylor then left the stage and the Gypsies played three of their original tunes.

Tristan "Tree" Hepe followed the Gypsies with his special mix of alternative music. Tristan accompanied himself on guitar as he sang. Gary Tipper took the stage after Tree. Gary played guitar as he sang three of his favorite songs with Ron Adcock playing drums.

Co-host Ron Hackett closed out the regular portion of the show with three jazz tunes. He started by inviting Sarah back to the stage to sing The Girl From Ipanema for Sarah’s father. Ron Hackett accompanied her on guitar and Ron Adcock kept time on the drums. Ron and Ron closed out the set with a couple of Ron’s arrangements of old show tunes that included Swinging Over the Rainbow, which is based on an old Judy Garland favorite.

Since the regular round finished early, Taylor kicked of an encore round with Jay and Ron Adcock. Each performer had the opportunity to play one more song. Robert, Sarah, and Jay followed Taylor. Instead of the Gypsies taking the stage again, Kameron Jones performed a solo rendition of a song he wrote. Gary and Ron Adcock came next before Ron and Ron closed the show with Georgia On My Mind. “The other song that crossed my mind was Autumn Leaves, but I’ve had enough cold weather for a while,” said Ron Hackett.

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Photos courtesy of Ron Hackett

Host Taylor Hoch

Robert Foster

Jay Jernigan

Josh Passon

Kameron Jones

Old Nick and the Gypsies
(from left) Josh Passon, Sarah Weeks, and Kameron Jones


Tristan "Tree" Hepe