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Open Mic, January 22, 2015

“Everyone is really excited about the upcoming Showcase on the 29th, so it was a real high energy show last night. We had a full list of performers and a very enthusiastic audience,” said co-host Taylor Hoch. This was the 15th performing arts show since the Performing Arts Association started at the Art Center last September.

Taylor kicked off the show playing and singing several of her Americana songs that have been hits on European radio. Her usual sideman, guitarist Jay Jernigan was back after being out sick last week and he joined Taylor on the stage, as did percussionist Ron Adcock.

Jay and Ron Adcock stayed on stage to accompany the next performer, Craig Flynt, a new-comer to the open mic. Craig played three of his original country rock songs and the audience really enjoyed them and gave Craig a warm welcome to the program. Next up was open mic regular Rose Pyatt. Rose is a singer/songwriter and she played and sang three of her original praise songs. Robert Foster, another regular open mic participant, was up next to play a couple of his favorite cover songs. He was followed by Tristan "Tree" Hepe who played and sang a mix of country and contemporary favorites.

Singer/songwriter Kameron Jones, who will be playing with his band at the Showcase next week, was next to play. He played three of his original Americana style songs accompanied by Josh Passon on bass. Another new-comer, Gary Compton was up next and he played and sang three country finger-picking style songs. Gary hosts a songwriter’s showcase at the Red Caboose in Elkmont AL on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month and he invited everyone at the open mic to come and check out the next show. Since co-host Ron Hackett was unable to attend due to an emergency at home, Jay Jernigan got back up on stage and played three jazz numbers accompanied by Ron Adcock on percussion.

There was time left for an encore round after the regular performances, so Taylor and Jay kicked off the encore round accompanied by Ron Adcock. After that, Robert Foster, Tristan "Tree" Hepe, and Kameron Jones accompanied by Josh Passon, all played a couple more songs. To finish out the evening, Taylor, Jay, and Ron Adcock came back on stage and joined Kameron and Josh for a jam session playing two of the group’s favorites of Taylor’s original songs.

(left to right) Jay Jernigan, Craig Flynt, and Ron Adcock

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