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Open Mic, October 30, 2014

Last week’s special Halloween costume party edition of the open mic at the Fayetteville/Lincoln County Arts Center was a huge success! The Arts Center was decked out for the event with tomb stones, jack-o-lanterns, spider webs, and lots of other eerie decorations, and the participants really enjoyed performing for the standing room only crowd that filled the venue for most of the evening. In attendance were pirates, witches, vampires, hippies, ghosts, and even a few both living and dead celebrities! Great performances, wonderful food, and lots of good cheer made for an incredibly fun evening for all.

Taylor Hoch and Jay Jernigan, the hosts for the evening, opened the show accompanied by percussionist Ron Adcock. They played a few Halloween themed songs as well as some of Taylor’s original compositions, after which they turned the stage over to the long list of performers who came out to share their art and talent with the appreciative crowd.

First up on the list was David Roller, a local singer/songwriter who played a classic rock cover and then two of his original Christian contemporary songs. He was followed by Carol Hoch who had the crowd shivering as they listened to her ghost stories. Then to keep the shivers going, Mark Kelso came up next to tell more ghost stories as well share both audio and visual recordings of the hauntings at the old Fayetteville hospital. Two newcomers to the Thursday night open mic series, Jim Rutledge and Ian Panton, who perform regularly together as a duet called Gemini, were up next and they treated the crowd to some wonderful traditional fiddle and guitar music that had everyone tapping their feet and dancing.

Next up was Robert Foster playing guitar and singing. He was followed by singer keyboardist Sarah Weeks who played one of her original songs, a cover piece, and then an original classical music composition. Another newcomer, singer/songwriter J.C. Webb, followed Sarah and played three of his original contemporary love songs. Then the stage was cleared off to give Lumara Lee room to perform a traditional belly dancing routine to the non-traditional music of Rob Zombie.

After the stage was reset for live musical performances, singer/songwriter Kameron Jones treated the audience to three of his original Americana songs. After Kameron finished his solo set, he was joined on the stage by Sarah Weeks and Josh Passon. These three artists regularly perform together as the band Old Nick and the Gypsies and they thrilled the audience with their beautiful three part harmonies as they played two songs that Kameron wrote for the band as well as a classic rock favorite.

The last performer of the night was singer/songwriter Rose Pyatt who played two of her original pieces as well as a hilarious traditional folk song. The list was so full that we ran out of time and regular attendee, singer/guitar player Gary Tipper graciously volunteered to be bumped to first on the list for next week’s show. It was an incredible evening full of wonderful performances and all are looking forward to coming back and doing it again next week when Ron Hackett will be back to help host after recovering from his recent surgery.

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Photos courtesy of Sandy Weeks


Carol Hoch

Taylor Hoch

Jay Jernigan

5 and Sarah Weeks

6 and Mark Kelso

Old Nick and the Gypsies
Sarah Weeks, Josh Passon, and Kameron Jones