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Arts Center accepted to Appalachian Quilt Trail

The Arts Center's Quit Design
The Fayetteville-Lincoln County Arts Center was accepted to The Appalachian Quilt Trail (AQT) in 2012.

The AQT is designed to promote the heritage of the region by emphasizing the history and significance of quilts and rural areas. The organization is also an effort to promote sustainable development, as well as local goods and services.

Designs can be found on historic barns and farms, museums, craft galleries and rural businesses such as farm stands, lodging, quilt shops and restaurants. The Arts Center hopes that the placement of this quilt pattern will not only put the Fayetteville downtown area on the national AQT brochures, but also assist in increasing tourism to the downtown area.

Some of the designs are replicas of patterns that have been a part of a family's tradition for years. Many of the designs are site-appropriate. For example, The Arts Center selected a pattern that has been associated with the Underground Railroad to emphasize the Anti-Slavery Movement that existed in Lincoln County during the Civil War.

AQT covers about 300 miles of more than 35 counties in Tennessee and features about 350 quilt squares. Visitors to the region can follow the AQT and discover locally-made arts and crafts.

Anyone interested in the history and culture of the United States can learn a great deal by following the Appalachian Quilt Trail. In addition, the visitor will help promote family farms and locally-owned small businesses. In this era of concern for conservation, the visitor will also help to promote sustainable economic development, which preserves America's heritage, as well.

The Arts Center will has its quilt pattern located on the front of the building.

“We would like to thank Martha Brown, Becky Jones and Sandy Newkirk for taking the lead and developing the quilt pattern to be placed on the Arts Center Building,” said Mark L. Kelso, former president Fayetteville-Lincoln County Arts Center, Inc., also expressing appreciation to Fayetteville Lumber, which donated materials for the project.


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